Developer Journal Series 2 - Character Design

Hey it's Ngoc here to talk a little bit about the design process for the characters found in Project VeN so far.

First thing I drew after hearing the pitch for Project VeN
Upon hearing the pitch for Project VeN for the first time I was stoked to be a part of the project. and couldn't wait to sink my teeth into designing both Y and Steven.

During this time in the development cycle I was mostly focused with designing Y. Working from character profiles and feedback from both Joe and Kevin, they really wanted Y to be able to look natural being happy go lucky but to also be able to express a more serious side to her personality.

A few weeks after I submitted 3 full body designs to choose from. We ultimately decided to go with the first design with some tweaks to be made to her proportions and outfit.

We did some experimentation with her eye shape and size. We also opted for a more mature outfit choice. 

I guess that's all I have to say about Y's design process. Next up from me will be how we ended up with Steven's design.

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