Developer Journal Series 5 - Character Design

Hey it’s Ngoc! Ready for the 2nd part of my character design series focusing on Steven and a look into the model sheets done for VeN’s prototype.

Since the aim of Ven’s prototype was to construct it as quickly as possible (we were so keen to see how it all worked) Steven’s design process needed to be considerably quicker than Y’s.

Steven needed to hit these 2 constraints,
-          Same style as Y
-         Suiting his character profile: Serious, Mellow, Sarcastic, Asian in his 30s

So with keeping these 2 points in mind I came up with a five sketches. I expected to set these as a preliminary for Kevin to point me in the right direction of his vision to Steven. In the end he liked the bottom two and felt they both had qualities of a pretty good representation of Steven (awesome, less work for me).
We did a little playing around with facial features but they turned out to be not as helpful in making a decision. 

So... in the end we just ended up with the easiest one to draw since in future I would be drawing the expressions by hand.

Which I did...
...a lot.

Next was making model sheets for Joe to work with. Since I was handing it to another artist it was imperative for me to create sheets with ease of readability. Thankfully, Joe didn’t have any problems... this time at least >_>
That just about wraps it up for character design for the Prototype. Next up is going to be special since we will have A WRITER ON BOARD which will be super important for me since I may have to come up with a NEW ARTSTYLE. 
Turbulent times ahead...

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