Developer Journal Series 6 - Artstyle Curation

So the last time I wrote an entry for this blog Project Ven has received so much love to the people we’ve shown it to and I am so proud to be a part of seeing this thing come together. The team and I have been excellent to each other and I feel like I'm in great company to improve myself.
I’ve recently been in what I would call a "cocoon" stage at the moment with developing an artstyle for the VN. I've recently been churning through excellent material like Kasane (Daruma Matsuura), D Gray Man and Tatami Galaxy in the hopes of studying more about the nuances in these works and how they can help realising what Ven hopes to be for our audience.

Research! and pages and pages of style development. We wanted all of our inspirations from other media to contribute in forming Ven’s style profile.  We assumed it was better to look at character design from a more informed angle where everyone contributes their artistic history rather than just one person’s opinion. Hopefully next time I will have animations sorted, I've been teaching myself thanks to Richard Williams who I hope to be as good as at some point in my career.

And that's all I got for this blog post! Thank you for reading!

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