Operation Ven is GO

Yoho, Kevin here with an update - we've been pretty quiet lately, and that's because *drumroll* we've started production!
We finished pre-production a few weeks ago - This means we'll hopefully be able to announce the title as well as our permanent studio name in a month or so, finger crossed!
Also, our new demo, the Classroom, is nearing completion - here's a quick screenshot:

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  1. Hey, just happened upon your demo video. Looks super awesome! I think visual novels rock, but I've been thinking that it would be cool to be able to let the reader / player interact more with the environment—looks like that's what you're enabling here, right? Like a blend between visual novels and more traditional games. So you still get the focus on story, but with more interactivity and user agency into the way things play-out. Is that on the mark?